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Virtual Cloud Phone System for your Business Never miss a customer call while you are sleeping. AakashTel is cloud hosted business phone calling system giving multiple edges and enhanced tool to manage your Call Center. No need to buy expensive Call Center software to automate your sales / support center, you are just a click away. Benefit from a range of features that will improve productivity by automating and managing your communication strategy.

What is Cloud Telephony?

Cloud telephony system is based on Virtual Phone Number - SIP Number, we have been authorized by Nepal Telecoms, SmartTel as SIP Vendor. With aakashTel cloud telephony, you can turn any device with an internet connection into a potential phone.

Our cloud telephony system is fully integrated with communication channels and very cost effective. You can get your DID ( Direct Inward Dialing Number - Business Number ) and pay as you go through online recharge.


How Does aakashTel Cloud Telephony Work?

AakashTel cloud telephony system completely operates in the cloud, you can purchase DID number online through aakashTel and all communication online. We have mobile apps on Android and iPhone. Your sales / support needs mobile apps still in their phone and login with users & password provided through the system.

Users must use internet-connected devices to make SIP/VOIP technology. It will migrate your entire business call to cloud and you can monitor and improve all call recording based on the entire conversation. The analog voice signals received are converted to data packets and transmitted via an internet connection. You receive the call using a VoIP desk phone or a softphone (a virtual phone).


Advantages of aakashTel’s VOIP phone system

Cost Effective


The value VoIP calls cost less than conventional phone calls as we can take package deals depending on networks.

No additional
hardware or software Required


No hardware or software devices or infrastructure is required, it’s just a modern business phone system, which works within a click with available laptop and mobile phone.

Easy to Set-Up


You can have your aakashTel system up and running in 30 mins. That’s it!

Remote Ready


In today’s time as businesses are flexible for remote workforce, its best solutions are flexible in nature in addition to on-premises teams.

Simple to Scale


No IT experts are required to scale your business phone system, it’s just a matter of clicking to add your agents and you’re done. We will manage all your required additional volume.

Extensive Reporting


You can track all your agents and see their performance and optimize as required to make your operations more efficient and effective with the aakashTel phone system.

Build better customer relationships with smart call center software


Multi-Layer IVR Solution

To completely automate your call center, simply configure your Multi-Level IVR system which allows you to create several layers (branches) in your calling system menus. For example, if the caller presses 1 for support, they will be transferred to another IVR menu with more detailed options, such as: “For TV Support, press 1. For Internet Support, press 2. For any other assistance, press 3”.


Automated Voice Broadcasting

AakashTel Automated Voice broadcasting is a tool that allows you to send recorded voice messages to multiple phone numbers simultaneously. You can record your messages in advance and use a centralized interface to send them all from a phone number at once.


Dedicated Virtual Number

AakashTel provides you to choose Direct Inward Dialing (DID) is a telephone service that allows a phone number to ring based on your Designed IVR Call Flow Solution. This number will be your business dedicated number for displaying for example, sales or support.


SMS Broadcasting / Integration

AakashTel provides BULK SMS Service in Nepal. We provide Secured SMS Gateway to integrate in your website, mobile apps or software solutions. We have web based portal solutions. By using it, you can send your business bulk sms online in an easy and cost-effective way.



We can create users by providing details of users (employees) and create departments and assign users within the department. We can assign users and monitor them in real-time without any hassle.


Enhanced Dashboard

A feature-packed dashboard where contacts & conversations are easy to find and features in the inbox easy to navigate.


Business Hours

We can easily define our business hours to get your calls automatically routed to voicemail or another destination during non-business hours.


Internal Call/Extensions

No hassle of remembering phone numbers and extensions. You can connect with your colleagues easily through their names.


Call Recording

Record the calls from your clients to hear about their requirements & feedback and finally deliver what they precisely wanted.


Inbound / Support Center

Now solve customer queries faster and improved with crystal-clear voice quality with custom IVR flows, smart call routing


Outbound / Sales

aakashTel is the outbound call center solution which provides enhanced features. Auto Broadcasting feature with ease, aim to please and seize better leads.



Don’t limit your business to a single location. Stretch your wings, let yourself grow, and fly high with aakashTel, the most enhanced featured virtual call center software.

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Latest News

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What is the best call center solution?

Cloud based call center solutions designed by aakashtel are high in features with top level support. It’s completely designed and developed in Nepal. Its provides state-of-the-art call center features that make it one of the best cloud call center solutions.

What are the features of call center solution?

The basic features of AakashTel cloud call center solutions include call tracking, call recording, virtual number integration, multi-level IVR, detailed call reports, outbound dialer, and more.

What is call center solution?

Cloud call center software provided by AakashTel is a cloud-based solution that enables support and sales teams to manage inbound and outbound business calls effortlessly, efficiently and remotely.

How does call center solution work?

Cloud-based call center solutions connect your sales and support agents on an online system using cloud telephony technology. So, incoming calls are routed to the mobile phones of support agents, while sales agents can make outbound calls with the click-to-call facility.

Currently, I am using landlines. Can I switch to call center solution?

Yes. By using AakashTel cloud based system you can easily switch to Cloud Based Telephony system upon traditional PBX or landlines.

How much do I need to pay to get call center solution?

AakashTel call center solution services start at Rs 2,499 per month with 1000 minutes free. For more information on cloud call center solution prices, please check the call center pricing page.

How can I set up call center solution for my business?

The entire set up of the call center solution is done online and takes only a few minutes to complete. To set up a call center solution for your business, you can sign up online or call AakashTel support team at +977 9808139797 / 985-1300024 or email: or

Why should I choose a cloud-based call center solution for my business?

Compared to landlines and traditional PBX systems, cloud-based call center solutions are very inexpensive, manage calls more efficiently, provide access to modern cloud telephony features, and support distributed teams.

Can I get a demo of a cloud-based call center solution?

Yes. Please contact AakashTel Support Center. AakashTel support team at +977 9808139797 / 985-1300024 or email: or

Can I use my old business numbers with AakashTel call center solution?

Yes. We can connect your old business numbers with the contact call center solution. So, you can keep using your old business numbers as well.

How much time will it take to set up a cloud call center for my business?

The entire set up of the call center solution is cloud-based and done online. It takes only a few minutes to complete the cloud call center solution set up. Once you contact the AakashTel team, your account can be set up in less than one business day.

I need a call center for remote sales and support teams. Will it work?

Of course. AakashTel remote call center software is cloud-based and enables your agents to work from anywhere and you can monitor their performance in real-time.

I have more questions regarding call center solutions. Where can I contact you?

For any queries regarding call center solutions for your business, please call the AakashTel support team at +977 9808139797 / 985-1300024