A Detailed Guide on Automated Calls

An automated call, as the name suggests, is primarily a method of communication in which a previously recorded audio message is delivered to a potential or current consumer. This message may be sent for a variety of reasons, such as to solicit comments, establish reminders, advertise an event, or follow up. At a predetermined time, these calls can be placed to a large number of persons either simultaneously or individually.

With APIs, automated calls are significantly more straightforward. The Call API from AakashTel in automating your outgoing calls. REST voice API integration enables you to make calls to your consumers in response to customized events.

Steps to make an automated phone call

Many firms are unclear about how to use automated phone calls because they are concerned about the financial, human, and resource expenses involved. Additionally, they have some reservations regarding the potential advantages of using automated outbound calls and texts in telemarketing campaigns.

However, automated client calls are quick and easy to utilize. All that is required is:

  1. Sign up for a service like AakashTel which provides auto-dialer software.
  2. Create a profile of the clients you wish to work with, then enter their contact information in a database, spreadsheet, or other contact management system.
  3. To maintain legal compliance, screen out the numbers included on the “Do not call” lists.
  4. Make a note of the message you want to convey. Text-to-speech software or a human voice can be used to deliver this.
  5. Set parameters for when the calls must be made. For instance, when a delivery goes wrong.
  6. (Report) Review the information in the outgoing voice broadcasting system logs. Find out how many calls were handled in real-time versus those that were forwarded to voicemail. If the latter occurs, a different message can be recorded and transmitted.

Whether you are setting up an automated calling system for schools for payment reminders or are making automated appointment reminder phone calls, the sheer effortlessness and proficiency of the entire process are bound to help you deal with various communication challenges.

What characteristics do automated calls have?

It is thought to be a sensible move to make automated calls to cell phones in order to promote constructive and productive connections. This is due to the fact that they have important characteristics like

Low setup costs: 

Making automated calls doesn’t require the acquisition of any specialized equipment. Additionally, no extensive infrastructure upgrade is need to be implemented. As a result, the setup expenditures are minimal.

Call schedule: 

Automated calls can be planned for a specific day and time. This provides you the time to prepare adequately and arrange a call in accordance with the tools at your disposal.

Unlimited channels: 

Having several channels might be quite helpful if you want to use automated phone calls for business. While the information on the campaigns is being recorded on the dashboard, the same number can be utilized to create parallel campaigns.

Dynamic recording:

Consider that the system is being utilized to record automated voice messages for feedback when analyzing dynamic reporting. Real-time information on who was contacted and what kind of feedback was given will be available from the dashboard. These reports make it possible to track results in great detail and depth.

Decreased operating expenses:

Since there is absolutely no need for manual involvement other than to schedule calls, the business’s operating costs are likely to decrease. This means an almost 64% decrease in the cost of manual labor!

Syncing with CRM: 

The anticipated result of the automated calls can be easily measured with CRM integration. This type of measurement also enables a company to develop a thorough and thorough communication strategy.

Now is the time to consider whether calling clients on the phone automatically is the best course of action. To accomplish this, it is necessary to contrast it with another crucial instrument for engaging with clients, the Short Message Service (SMS).

How are automated calls used by businesses in Nepal?

Any business goal that follows a clear, guided process can use automated calls. Automated calls can be utilized, for example, to give critical information, make announcements, send OTP, gather feedback, etc. Here are some examples of how companies use automated calls.

To inform their intended audience

Customers frequently enjoy learning about brand-new product introductions, improvements, services, seasonal specials, etc. Automated calls can assist businesses in doing just that! You don’t need to hire and train thousands of new agents to educate your whole audience at once, regardless of the size of your client base.

Sending voice OTP

In many processes, including applications, payments, renewals, etc., verification is a crucial step, and OTPs have emerged as the simplest and safest way to complete this. While the majority of companies provide OTPs by SMS these days, occasionally the consumer may not get it, be visually challenged, etc. Automated calls that provide a voice OTP can be extremely helpful in these circumstances.

Reminders for payments

Reminders of payments are an essential step in the collecting process. The most popular techniques, meanwhile, can be ineffective since customers might overlook SMSes or hear an agent phoning to tell them to be fearful. The ideal call is one that is automated.

Wrap Up

Now that automated consumer calls are being made, they are developing quickly. The three main pillars that support their success are their accessibility, longevity, and relevance. 

They have assisted numerous firms in improving consumer communication since they are simple to use and reliable. Automated calls to cell phones will undoubtedly continue to offer useful and practical solutions in the future as the number of daily encounters increases.

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