Features of Virtual Phone Number

Call tracking

AakashTel’s Software tracks all customer calls and you can monitor your agents performance and conversation.

Call routing

With enhanced features of Virtual Number, you can connect directly with callers to your specific department through IVR configuration.

Call recording

Monitor your business calls and team performance with timely recorded customer conversations.

IVR system

Greet your customers on their call and customize your greetings as per your business or departments for better experience.

Call reports

Get access to detailed reports of your customer calls and receive daily insights.

Call forwarding

Bring mobility to your team call handling as calls are forwarded directly on your agents’ phone number.

How businesses benefit from virtual numbers

No loss of information

You just need one number and all your customer calls will be routed through your dedicated one number.

Personalized experience

Features such as IVR system help you give you customers a unique experience

Cost efficient

Get on negligible rental cost and pay as you require on call packages.

Single virtual number for a team

Your entire team can be connected to a single virtual number. No loss of information across multiple numbers.

Improved efficiency

Handle multiple calls at the same time, track conversations, work more efficiently


What is a virtual phone number?

Virtual number is a 10 digit display number with multiple contact / agents numbers mapped behind it. Calls placed at the virtual number are automatically routed to any of the mapped numbers.

How many calls can be received simultaneously on a virtual number?

It completely depends on the number of channel lines added behind your virtual number. AakashTel basic plan provides you with 10 channel lines, thus allowing you to attend 10 calls at one time.

What are the benefits of a virtual phone number?

Several calls can be attended simultaneously using a virtual number which reduces the chances of missing business calls. Calls are routed directly to the agent’s number, allowing them to receive calls anytime, anywhere.

What are the features available with a virtual number?

With the provided virtual number you get a full-fledged call management system with features like call tracking, IVR, call recording, callers’ database, call reports and more.

How can I get a virtual phone number?

You can get in touch with our support team, AakashTel support team at +977 9808139797 / 985-1300024 or email: sales@aakashtech.com.np or tel@aakashtech.com.np