Use Of Cloud Telephony For Real Estate Businesses in Nepal

Cloud Telephony Overview

Telephony has advanced significantly with the advancement of technology nowadays. Cloud telephony is a significant solution that effectively addresses the issues faced by businesses in various areas.

AakashTel offering Cloud telephony service is a cloud-based call management platform. It enables a business to track and manage calls efficiently. It is simple to implement and utilize by real estate firms to address the issues highlighted above, including:

Benefits of AakashTel

  • First off, businesses can advertise a single number (toll-free or virtual) rather than a number range by using AakashTel. In front of customers, it cultivates a professional image and conveys an air of credibility.
  • Second, calls can be forwarded to many agents at one location or several locations utilizing IVR. A consumer calling the provided number won’t know if the phone is busy or not; instead, his call will be forwarded to an executive who is available.
  • The ability to track data is the third and most crucial factor. It is possible to track the number of calls made, missed, and unattended. This information is crucial for tracking and maintaining business leads that will result in conversions.
  • Fourthly, as was already indicated, real estate developers and builders heavily advertise. It is usually difficult to determine the cost and return on investment of various advertising initiatives. One may examine the results of these campaigns and promotions using AakashTel. Calculating the number of leads received, converted, and missed can give a sense of conversions in relation to the amount of money, time, and effort expended.

Features of AakashTel

Cost Effective

Because we can use package discounts based on networks, VoIP calls are more affordable than traditional phone calls.

No additional hardware or software Required

It only takes a click to use an existing laptop or mobile phone with a modern business phone system; no additional hardware, software, or infrastructure is needed.

Easy to Set-Up

Your aakashTel system can be operational in 30 minutes.

Remote Ready

Today’s organizations, which are adaptable to remote workers, benefit from flexible solutions in addition to on-site staff.

Simple to Scale

Your business phone system may be scaled without the help of IT specialists; all it takes is a click to add your agents. All of your necessary additional volumes will be managed by us.

Extensive Reporting

With the aakashTel phone system, you can monitor all of your agents, assess their performance, and make necessary adjustments to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your operations.

How do Real Estate firms get profit from AakashTel in Nepal?

Any real estate company will initially begin marketing their plots or homes through all of the available promotion channels, including newspaper and television commercials, banners, posters, and social media promos. 

The real estate company will put their business or contact information in these promos so that the buyer may get in touch with them to learn more about the plot or house.

Alternatively, Buyers can contact the real estate company by calling the contact number or business number listed on the promotional material to speak with a sales representative about their specific needs.

The company number will function as a virtual number through cloud telephony, allowing for simple handling of all customer calls.

Wrap Up

Every step of the customer experience is smooth thanks to AakashTel Cloud Telephony Service Provider in Nepal. The cloud telephony feature included in the AakashTel-powered service gives your company an advantage over competitors. It aids in streamlining all business procedures and helps provide clients with a solution in real-time.

Therefore, get in touch with AakashTel if you’re seeking Cloud Telephony Service in Nepal that provides a voice communication option.