Features of Call center software for support and sales

Customised IVR

Calls are placed along with an IVR and the receiver gives his input through the keypad menu.

Database integration

With API integrations calls can be placed on any database, be it on google sheets or stored in CRM.

Schedule calls

Outbound calls on the database can be scheduled for later time as per your convenience.

Detailed analytics

Get complete & downloadable report of calls attended and missed along with their call duration.

Call recording

All the outgoing calls and callers’ conversation with the agents are recorded and stored on cloud.

Stored responses

Responses in the IVR menu are automatically updated and stored in real time on google sheets.

Trigger-based or bulk outbound calling

Our outbound calling solution places outbound calls automatically on your given list. Once the call is answered, it immediately connects the caller with your agent. This saves your agents’ time to make calls manually and they can connect with the interested prospects only. The outbound solution also dials the call, plays the message and gets the feedback (automatically) as soon as your customer has completed the transaction.

Simple and effective sales reporting

Using advanced voice analytics, your managers can understand why one agent is about to break the sales record while the other can’t close a single deal. Are you generating income through your sales calls? Analyze your data and use them to improve your call center.

Make more conversations

We believe simplicity is the key to success. AakashTel’s next-gen feature Power Dialer is designed to make more outbound calls automatically, so your reps have more time to focus on what’s important – closing deals.


What is an outbound calling system?

AakashTel’s campaign / broadcasting features facilitates you to reach thousands of potential customers via call within a seconds. A recorded voice call can be scheduled and broadcasted. A voice recording will play as soon as your customer receives the call or the call can immediately be connected to your agent.

How many calls can be placed simultaneously?

Number of calls placed at the same time depends on the number of channel lines in your system. From 10 to 1000 or more, multiple calls can be placed parallel to your requirements. For example every month calls can be initiated for loan reminders etc..

Can I schedule the outgoing calls?

Yes. You can schedule the time of the call to be made later on a specific number or database. This feature will help you ensure that you reach your prospects in the most suitable time with no last moment burden on you.

How can I get an outbound calling solution for my business?

The entire setup of the outbound calling solution is cloud-based and done online. It takes only a few minutes to complete the cloud call center solution set up. AakashTel support team at +977 9808139797 / 985-1300024 or email: sales@aakashtech.com.np or tel@aakashtech.com.np

Can I take a trial of the product?

You can get in touch with our support team, AakashTel support team at +977 9808139797 / 985-1300024 or email: sales@aakashtech.com.np or tel@aakashtech.com.np