Inbound and Outbound IVR Cloud Telephony Call Center Solution in Nepal

Inbound and Outbound Interactive Voice Response IVR System is the automatic voice response system. For instance, if you have ever called the customer call care center, it instructs us to press a digit for your queries. 

This service is beneficial for those organization that needs to answer similar queries to maximise audience and customers. If any companies or businesses have to inform short notice verbally to anyone, they can use the IVR service to send a voice message to all the targeted contacts.

You can purchase the inbound and outbound IVR service package from the Cloud Telephony Service Provider. So, we have a clear concept of IVR Service, Let’s understand the types of IVR Systems.

Introduction Inbound IVR

The inbound IVR makes an effort to foresee the demands of your callers and offers them options to get the information they require when they call.

The majority of individuals who call a firm are met with inbound IVR, which is a self-service menu that lets you access various functions or departments by assigning a different voice command or touch-tone digit.

Customer service, FAQ resolution, and inbound sales are common uses for inbound IVRs. 

Introduction Outbound IVR

Businesses may automatically engage customers through a variety of channels of contact, including phone calls, SMSes, and emails, thanks to outbound IVR.

Companies that rely heavily on outbound sales campaigns have embraced this technology since it can enhance other call features like autodialers.

Businesses can use outbound IVR, for instance, to notify consumers automatically about impending appointments, payments, or promotions.

How to know which type of IVR System is good for your business?

As we’ve already discussed, inbound and outbound IVR systems by cloud telephony services both completely operate in different mechanisms. 

For a quick recall, inbound IVR services are used to take surveys from the customers whereas Outbound IVR is used to scale the sales of the outbound market by solving the queries from customers using their phone dialer.

Whether your company is big or small, you can easily use the service. It totally depends upon your business modality and customers’ behaviour to determine which type of IVR system is useful to you. 

Making it simple, if you need to solve a complex type of similar query, the outbound IVR system is more suitable to your business and the just inverse case for outbound sales modality. 

Aakash Tel: Inbound and Outbound IVR Cloud Telephony Call Center Solution in Nepal

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