How does Cloud Telephony Service help to Solve the Challenges of Business?

Although cloud technology service is seen as the perpetual pursuit of excellence in new business dynamics, there are several ongoing difficulties that the cloud, particularly cloud telephony in Nepal, must overcome from the start. Despite these difficulties, the cloud has started a trip to transmit considerable energy. 

In this article, you will discover how AakashTel – cloud telephony solutions, sometimes referred to as hosted or cloud-based PBX systems, can help you solve a variety of business communication problems, improve internal team collaboration, and boost customer service.

Here are some issues with company communications that cloud telephony solutions might help you with:

How is Cloud Telephony Helps for your Business to Solve the Problem?

Call Queue Administration

Even if your agents are busy, you are less likely to miss a call with the call queue management tool. When a customer phones your company, if the line is busy, the call is put on hold and your choice of unique music is played.

Your agents are alerted to the user’s incoming call so they can rapidly finish the current call and take the next call in line. The user’s call is only terminated when they hang up.

Assume that all of your agents are busy and that a lot of calls are sitting in the queue for a very long time. This will make their experience unpleasant. A failover destination can be any extension, a collection of extensions, or even voicemail, and it can be set up in a call queue as well. 

After a predetermined amount of time, this will transfer the user’s call to the failover destination (60 sec, 90 sec, etc.). lowering the likelihood that your company may miss a call as a result.

Live Call Observation

You can view other information, such as the number of busy agents, the total number of calls made, etc., along with the number of active incoming and outgoing calls through live call monitoring. You can manage your agents wisely and view the status of calls in real time using this tool.

Numerous cloud communication service providers offer a user-friendly dashboard that shows vital real-time metrics like the number of inactive agents, unanswered calls, the number of calls answered within the service level, etc.

Contact Information

The majority of the time, agents just answer the phone without identifying the caller. This communication issue is resolved by the call announcement, which informs your agents of the callers. save your agents from answering calls blindly and doing the same sales process repeatedly.

You can set up this mechanism, for instance, to receive a call announcement that reads, “Mr. Ram has a call for Sales. Press 1 to answer the call. Press 2 to put the call on voicemail. Press 3 to transfer this call to a different extension. Press 4 to keep the call on hold.

In this scenario, your calling agents will be equipped with the required details about the caller, enabling them to respond quickly to the call and craft a tailored sales pitch.

Call Forwarding Services

What happens if a crucial client calls while your agent is still making his way to the office? Your agent would have undoubtedly missed the calls in a traditional PBX system, but with cloud communication solutions, you can quickly resolve this communication issue with the Call Forwarding tool.

You can route incoming calls on your virtual business number to any one extension, a collection of extensions, or even a mobile phone number via call forwarding. You may then take business calls while you’re on the move.

Call Conferencing Service

It is challenging to interact effectively with a distant workforce, exchange ideas, and talk about business operations.

Call conferencing unifies your team and eliminates the need for business travel to directly meet other stakeholders. Consequently, operational costs are reduced, and internal team communication is enhanced.

Call Record

Businesses frequently struggle to comprehend and foresee the expectations of their potential clients and customers. Simply put, the call recording feature aids you in that. With the help of a cloud telephony system, record every call your agents make, and then start reviewing how they interact with customers.

Determine the key concerns of your customers so you may direct your agents to address those concerns and provide wonderful service.

Call Transfering

When they don’t receive the appropriate responses from your personnel, clients may become dissatisfied with your service for yet another reason. 

Your agents must be trained for this, but even so, they must be able to promptly transfer calls from customers to the appropriate parties who have the necessary information if they find themselves in a challenging scenario.

Your agents may transfer calls at the push of a button thanks to cloud telephony. enabling a seamless changeover of calls.

How to get cloud telephony service in Nepal?

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