Features of Call center software for support and sales

Understand in detail the basic features and benefits of an Office IVR System

Benefits of cloud-based call center solution

Personalized service and faster problem solving

Now we can track all the conversations between your agents and clients, so as everything is displayed at one place, it's easy to manage and track all your office activities effortlessly and effectively which automatically boost your business growth & productivity.

Real-time analytics for in-depth insights

AakashTel provides you detailed insights reporting system where you can track individual agents activities and service level. With real-time analytics, you can track the call activity, service level, and customer sentiment of your inbound call center software. This way, you can make better and faster decisions and resolve any kind of issues faster.

Cloud-based support center ready in 5 minutes

AakashTel uses the latest VOIP Technologies, so that our customers can set up within a few minutes and activate their cloud based call center system. The only thing a team needs to get started is an internet connection, a headset, and ears that are ready to listen.

Inbound + Outbound: 2-in-1 solution

AakashTel Cloud Call Center Software Solution can be customized as your business needs to manage your inbound as well as outbound calls. Either you need an inbound solution to provide top-notch support to your customers or an outbound solution to make cold calls to your business prospects. Or if you want to run Political Call to masses you can just upload and broadcast it.


What is a call center solution?

Call Center Solutions is an Internet based Call Inbound and Outbound Call Management Software to manage all business calls effectively and efficiently. AakashTel is a cloud based solution that enables sales and support teams to manage their calls.

What are the features of a call center solution?

The basic features of AakashTel cloud call center include call tracking, call recording, toll-free number integration, virtual number integration, multi-level IVR, detailed call reports, call masking, outbound dialer, and more.

What is the best call center solution?

Call center solution provided by AakashTel is designed using modern cloud telephony technology and provides state-of-the-art call center features that make it one of the best cloud call center solutions.

How does a call center solution work?

Cloud-based call center solutions connect your sales and support agents on an online system using cloud telephony technology. So, incoming calls are routed to the mobile phones of support agents, while sales agents can make outbound calls with the click-to-call facility.

Currently, I am using landlines. Can I switch to call center solution?

Yes. Using AakashTel call center solutions, you can switch from landlines or traditional PBX systems to cloud-based cloud call center solutions..

How much do I need to pay to get a call center solution?

AakashTel call center solution services start at NPR 5250 one time charge and 250/month rental cost, that’s it. For more information on cloud call center solution prices AakashTel support team at +977 9808139797 / 985-1300024 or email: sales@aakashtech.com.np or tel@aakashtech.com.np

Why should I choose a cloud-based call center solution for my business?

Compared to landlines and traditional PBX systems, cloud-based call center solutions are very inexpensive, manage calls more efficiently, provide access to modern cloud telephony features, and support distributed teams.

Can I get a demo of a cloud-based call center solution?

Sure. For demo get in touch with AakashTel support team at +977 9808139797 / 985-1300024 or email: sales@aakashtech.com.np or tel@aakashtech.com.np

Can I use my old business numbers with AakashTel call center solution?

Yes. We can connect your old business numbers with the contact call center solution. So, you can keep using your old business numbers as well.

How much time will it take to set up a cloud call center for my business?

The entire set up of the call center solution is cloud-based and done online. It takes only a few minutes to complete the cloud call center solution set up. AakashTel support team at +977 9808139797 / 985-1300024 or email: sales@aakashtech.com.np or tel@aakashtech.com.np

I need a call center for remote sales and support teams. Will it work?

Of course. AakashTel currently provide all over nepal service, so if anywhere in nepal can subscribe our service and can manage all number from one single portal

I have more questions regarding call center solutions. Where can I contact?

You can get in touch with our support team, AakashTel support team at +977 9808139797 / 985-1300024 or email: sales@aakashtech.com.np or tel@aakashtech.com.np