Appeal Vote Using Aakash Tel Cloud Telephony Service

Nepal is conducting its Parliamentary and Provincial election at once on 03, Mangsir 2079 BS. Politicians are utilizing all the digital(Cloud Telephony Service) and physical methodologies and platforms to deliver their agenda to all their voters in the concerned area. 

Candidates and strategists are shortlisting the best way to get conversion in the election. In the scenario of Nepal, the best politicians and leaders lose the election due to the poor level of advertisement. 

In fact, delivering the agenda verbally pays off rather than text and other formats of ads in the election. If you are also searching for a service that makes your voice reach the public in any geographical area, Cloud telephony will be the milestone for you.

What to expect from telephony service?

We are keen to deliver your voice to all of your voters. The following services can be benefited you:

  • You can record your agenda in your own voice and send it to multiple people at once.
  • You can appeal your voice to your voters with their compatible form of language.
  • This service is user-friendly and customizable.

Where do you get this cloud telephony service in Nepal?

There is a number of cloud telephony service providers in Nepal, However, Aakash Tel is one of the market-leading service providers in this game. Apart from other companies, Aakash Tel provides some excellent features and services that make it easy to use this service.

How do get Telephony service from Aakash Tel?

Getting the cloud Telephony service from Aakash Tel is easy. Here are the full steps to get started with Aakash Tel:

  1. Click here to visit our official Website.
  2. Click on the “Request Quote” button on the top right corner of your device.
  3. After redirecting to the next page, click on “Say Hello”, and fill out your contact form. 
  4. Hit the submit button.


You can give missed calls on the contact number shown on the “Request Quote” page. Talk with our sales expert to go.

Also, visit our subsidiary Bulk SMS Service Provider Company in Nepal – Aakash SMS